Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boulder Time

Back in Colorado. Ran the Bolder Boulder for the fourth time. My slowest result yet but that is becaused I paced my wife to a PR! The nice thing was I could enjoy the sights along the way, got up close to the belly dancers, drank some beer, had a piece of vegan bacon (YUK!), checked out all the bands, and very nearly did the water slide....it was just a bit too chilly for me.

Next up is a bike ride on Wednesday, and crossing fingers, a Gogol Bordello concert on Thursday night (sold out but got some via Stubhub....I hope).

1 comment:

Jamoosh said...

Jealous on three counts:

1) You are out there running
2) Beer (duh)
3) Gogol Bordello - I love those guys!