Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ye Olde Log Book

Yea verily, Master Crosstrain may get a running log book again. He has not had one for quite some time as a log book is pretty meaningless if one is not running consistently or with purpose. He has instead kept all his biking logs on and just added the sporadic swim and run distance to his blog numbers on the right. He has also downloaded his Garmin to Garmin connect.

I like a simple log book. Will have to find one.

Ran the On the Run 7 mile route tonight, first time in a long time. Took it easy but finished strong. Biking tomorrow and Saturday, will run again on Sunday morning. Twice a week is working for me, no reason to mess with what's working.

Wine tasting tomorrow night. Yes I am a sophisticated man, not just a beer guzzling cretin.

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